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Swami Chandrasekaran 画了一张漂亮的AI全景图。你要不要来看一下

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence & explaining it from different dimensions.



When I wrote my blog post Becoming a Data Scientist — Curriculum via Metromap, little did I know that it will receive a rousing feedback. So a big THANK YOU first of all! Over years a lot of people reached out to me with very kind words and how they use it as a guide in their data scientist journey. Also, many who sought permission to use the Metromap picture in their presentations as well as a few universities that also reached out to use it as part of their syllabus. Writing that post made me realize two things,

  • 以消耗性和美学方式使用大图片隐喻呈现一个复杂的主题具有价值+使用价值。 Taking a step back, presenting a complex topic using a big-picture metaphor in a consumable and aesthetic fashion has value + use.
  • 吓坏我了,写我的下一篇文章。 Scared the pants off me to write my next post.

Now here I’m after almost 4 years to write on a topic that is very close to my heart and yet again see a lot of confusing fluff floating around — Artificial Intelligence (A.I). I’m pretty sure many of you including me would say yes to the following,

  1. LinkedIn连接列表中的每个人的标题都带有AI。
  2. 大量有关AI变革行业的文章和世界末日的文章齐头并进。
  3. 看到的文章不仅令人迷惑和误导,而且往往不全面。
  4. 听到有人正在研究“ AI for X”,其中X可以是从治疗癌症到订购午餐的任何地方。
  5. Everyone in your LinkedIn connections list has AI in their title.
  6. Are getting flooded with articles that talk about A.I transforming industries and doomsday articles that go hand in hand.
  7. See articles that are not only confusing and misleading but also don’t tend to be comprehensive.
  8. Hear from someone is working on “AI for X”, where X can be anywhere from treating cancer to ordering lunch.

Pardon me for overgeneralizing, but I also see of folks who very loosely use the word A.I and have absolutely no clue/idea about what they are talking about. If you try to avoid them and try to seek the answer for “What is AI?”, you are bound to get flooded with conflicting views and very obfuscated terms and definitions. Just because someone is using a deep learning library/package, that doesn’t mean their system is intelligent. There is more to it. So here is my yet another modest attempt to convey via a picture — “Demystifying AI”.

如果我必须为AI选择一个很好的开始定义,那么我将投票给John McCarthy's。他可能给出了最深刻但最简单的AI定义,
If I have to pick a great starting definition for AI, I would vote for John McCarthy’s. He probably gave the most profound and yet a simple definition of A.I,


“science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”

AI is a fascinating area and I personally feel it will not do justice to explain it without looking at it from multiple dimensions. I have provided my point of view on AI in the following dimensions,

  1. 用于AI的Guardrails (从“开始,只是因为您可以做到并不意味着您应该这样做”)
  2. 核心和必要的构建基块
  3. 数据AI系统的工作类型
  4. 人工智能系统的主要特征
  5. 不同类型的AI(打哈欠!)
  6. 训练/教导AI系统的方法类型
  7. 热门算法
  8. 最常见的AI工作负载/任务
  9. 工作中的AI系统的常见示例
  10. 面向AI的开发运营-人工智能系统如何构建?
  11. 流行平台,API,库和框架
  12. 您需要花费一些时间来了解的一些绝对概念和主题
  13. 人工智能的下一步是什么?
  14. Guardrails for AI (starting with, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”)
  15. Core & essential building blocks
  16. Types of data AI systems work on
  17. Primary characteristics of an AI system
  18. Different types of AI (yawn!)
  19. Types of approaches to train / teach AI systems
  20. Top Algorithms
  21. Most common AI workloads/tasks
  22. Common examples of AI systems at work
  23. Dev Ops for AI — how are AI systems built?
  24. Popular Platform, API’s, Libraries & Frameworks
  25. Some of the absolute concepts and topics you need to take time in knowing
  26. What’s next for AI?

My goal with this visual is to provide you all with an ability to look at the big picture of AI and yet look at it from various dimensions. I have consciously not gone into great depth and detail, but stuck to a fairly high-level to convey the concepts clearly. I could easily take each of these dimensions and blow it up in multiple levels of detail. I may try to do that in the future or might try to write a book. Feel free to leave your comments and constructive feedback.