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  Sylvain Gugger bf2e0cf70b Trainer push to hub (#11328) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger 6c25f5228e Refactor AutoModel classes and add Flax Auto classes (#11027) 2 years ago
  Sebastian Olsson 2c6684239f Correct AutoConfig call docstrings (#10822) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger 0c96262f7d Fast transformers import part 1 (#9441) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger 00aa9dbca2 Copyright (#8970) 2 years ago
  Julien Chaumond 042a6aa777 Tokenizers: ability to load from model subfolder (#8586) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger 8f2723caf0 Output attention takes an s (#6903) 3 years ago
  Julien Chaumond 97a375484c rm boto3 dependency 3 years ago
  Julien Chaumond cbbb3c43c5 [hubconf] Modify pythonpath to get canonical imports to work 3 years ago
  Julien Chaumond d32585a304 Fix Torch.hub + Integration test 3 years ago
  alberduris 81d6841b4b GPU text generation: mMoved the encoded_prompt to correct device 3 years ago
  alberduris dd4df80f0b Moved the encoded_prompts to correct device 3 years ago
  Aymeric Augustin 28e608a2c2 Remove trailing whitespace from all Python files. 3 years ago
  Aymeric Augustin 158e82e061 Sort imports with isort. 3 years ago
  Aymeric Augustin fa84ae26d6 Reformat source code with black. 3 years ago
  thomwolf 31c23bd5ee [BIG] pytorch-transformers => transformers 4 years ago
  thomwolf ee027c89f2 fix #1165 4 years ago
  thomwolf 256086bc69 clean up and simplify hubconf 4 years ago
  thomwolf 7a1f174a9d update names of torch.hub to simpler names - update docstring 4 years ago
  thomwolf c665e0fcfe Merge branch 'automodels' of into automodels 4 years ago
  LysandreJik bc29aa67a9 HubConf configuration 4 years ago
  LysandreJik 7ca9653852 Pytorch Hub & AutoModels 4 years ago
  LysandreJik 84a3a9689d Pytorch Hub & AutoModels 4 years ago
  VictorSanh f836130bff update hubconf 4 years ago
  VictorSanh 2576a5c6db update hubconf for gpt2 torchhub compatibility 4 years ago
  VictorSanh 98f5c7864f decorelate dependencies + fix bug 4 years ago
  VictorSanh c8bd026ef6 move dependecies list to hubconf 4 years ago
  VictorSanh 19ef2b0a66 Fix typo in hubconf 4 years ago
  VictorSanh d0f591051c gpt_hubconf 4 years ago
  VictorSanh 372a5c1cee Hubconf doc - Specia case loading 4 years ago