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  Sylvain Gugger fdaef3368b Document toc check and doctest check scripts (#25319) 1 month ago
  Sylvain Gugger 9cf4a8b456 Build with non Python files (#23405) 4 months ago
  Yih-Dar 9088fcae82 Bring back the PR `Refactor doctests + add CI` to `main` (#23271) 4 months ago
  Sylvain Gugger 69ee46243c Revert "[Doctests] Refactor doctests + add CI" (#23245) 4 months ago
  Arthur 627f44799a [Doctests] Refactor doctests + add CI (#22987) 4 months ago
  Sylvain Gugger 6db23af50c Revert migration of setup to pyproject.toml (#22658) 5 months ago
  Sylvain Gugger c612628045 Test fetch v2 (#22367) 5 months ago
  Yih-Dar 479322bfaa A new test to check config attributes being used (#21453) 7 months ago
  Sylvain Gugger 6f79d26442 Update quality tooling for formatting (#21480) 7 months ago
  Maria Khalusova 73a2ff6974 Automated compatible models list for task guides (#21338) 7 months ago
  Yih-Dar 857bad6e53 check paths in `utils/documentation_tests.txt` (#21315) 8 months ago
  Sylvain Gugger 3774010161 Automate check for new pipelines and metadata update (#19029) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger 1b749a7f8d Sort doc toc (#18034) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger ddb1a47ec8 Automatically sort auto mappings (#17250) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger afe5d42d8d Black preview (#17217) 1 year ago
  Yih-Dar ede5e04191 Add a check on config classes docstring checkpoints (#17012) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger 473709fc76 Use doc builder styler (#16412) 1 year ago
  Gunjan Chhablani f9387c948d Update Makefile Phonies (#16306) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger 87e6e4fe5c Doc styler v2 (#14950) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger 7af80f6618 Convert docstrings of modeling files (#14850) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger 5061a9fd55 Post sphinx-clean up and contributing guide updates (#14790) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger f0d6e952c0 Quality explain (#14264) 1 year ago
  Sylvain Gugger 9870093f7b [WIP] Disentangle auto modules from other modeling files (#13023) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger 084873b025 Only test the files impacted by changes in the diff (#12644) 2 years ago
  Stas Bekman d25ad34c82 [CI] add dependency table sync verification (#12364) 2 years ago
  Stas Bekman ce11318e7e make sure to test against the local checkout (#11437) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger dabeb15292 Examples reorg (#11350) 2 years ago
  Sylvain Gugger b0d49fd536 Add a script to check inits are consistent (#11024) 2 years ago
  Philipp Schmid 604c085087 Sagemaker test (#10925) 2 years ago
  Stas Bekman 24ab5b08a3 [makefile] autogenerate target (#10814) 2 years ago