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  Sylvain Gugger 17a55534f5 Enable code-specific revision for code on the Hub (#23799) 1 day ago
  Zachary Mueller edf7772826 Log the right train_batch_size if using auto_find_batch_size and also log the adjusted value seperately. (#23800) 1 day ago
  Ran Ran e724246935 Fix no such file or directory error (#23783) 1 day ago
  Wang, Yi b7b729b38d no_cuda does not take effect in non distributed environment (#23795) 1 day ago
  amitportnoy d61d747627 Update trainer.mdx class_weights example (#23787) 1 day ago
  Sylvain Gugger 4d9b76a80f Fix RWKV backward on GPU (#23774) 1 day ago
  Arthur 8d28dba35d [OPT] Doc nit, using fast is fine (#23789) 1 day ago
  Younes Belkada f67dac97bd [`Nllb-Moe`] Fix nllb moe accelerate issue (#23758) 2 days ago
  dependabot[bot] d685e330b5 Bump tornado from 6.0.4 to 6.3.2 in /examples/research_projects/visual_bert (#23767) 2 days ago
  dependabot[bot] 4b0e7ded1c Bump tornado from 6.0.4 to 6.3.2 in /examples/research_projects/lxmert (#23766) 2 days ago
  玩火 f04f549bae Fix is_ninja_available() (#23752) 2 days ago
  Arthur 3416bba7c7 [LongFormer] code nits, removed unused parameters (#23749) 2 days ago
  Sylvain Gugger 6e4bc67099 Revamp test selection for the example tests (#23737) 2 days ago
  Sylvain Gugger 7d4fe85ef3 Fix psuh_to_hub in Trainer when nothing needs pushing (#23751) 2 days ago
  Ravi Theja 06c28cd0fc Add LlamaIndex to (#23484) 2 days ago
  Eric J. Wang f0a2a82ab4 Fix `pip install --upgrade accelerate` command in (#23747) 2 days ago
  Matt e45e756d22 Remove the last few TF serving sigs (#23738) 3 days ago
  Sylvain Gugger 9850e6ddab Enable prompts on the Hub (#23662) 3 days ago
  Zachary Mueller 75bbf20bce Fix sagemaker DP/MP (#23681) 3 days ago
  Daniel King 89159651ba Fix the regex in `get_imports` to support multiline try blocks and excepts with specific exception types (#23725) 3 days ago
  Sanchit Gandhi d8222be57e [Whisper] Reduce batch size in tests (#23736) 3 days ago
  Matt 814de8fac7 Overhaul TF serving signatures + dummy inputs (#23234) 3 days ago
  Connor Henderson 3d7baef114 fix: Whisper generate, move text_prompt_ids trim up for max_new_tokens calculation (#23724) 3 days ago
  Jungnerd 50a56bedb6 fix: delete duplicate sentences in `document_question_answering.mdx` (#23735) 3 days ago
  Matt d2d8822604 TF SAM memory reduction (#23732) 3 days ago
  pagarsky 28aa438cd2 Minor fixes (#23453) 3 days ago
  Matt f8b2574416 Better TF docstring types (#23477) 3 days ago
  Wang, Yi 767e6b5314 fix gptj could not jit.trace in GPU (#23317) 3 days ago
  uchuhimo b4698b7ef2 fix: use bool instead of uint8/byte in Deberta/DebertaV2/SEW-D to make it compatible with TensorRT (#23683) 3 days ago
  Maria Khalusova 2eaaf17a0b Export to ONNX doc refocused on using optimum, added tflite (#23434) 3 days ago