Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  fluxionary 9a9df3a42e Fix logic error in bed rotation 1 week ago
  xin 1e237b8d18 Minor improvements to the French translation (#3027) 1 month ago
  Lars Müller 833ed77620 Validate & sanitize formspec fields (#3022) 1 month ago
  Lars Müller 4c6e19968a Fix typo in german translation 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 446e56a879 Update German translation 2 months ago
  Wuzzy 34c1d3242d Update locale files 2 months ago
  Lars Müller f49707c973 Minor creative UI fixes (#3023) 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 8dee348d97 Fix syntax errors in 2 months ago
  Richard Try aeb27c4db6 Fix 'boats' russian translation (#2974) 2 months ago
  Richard Try 6921c9bbd1 Tweak MTG craftguide Russian translation (#2975) 2 months ago
  Lars Mueller 8d60e85dfc Fix `player_api.set_model` not updating the animation 3 months ago
  CrackedMatter 2c1d9e1330 Flip item textures of glass doors (#3009) 4 months ago
  fluxionary ec2f57db0e Ensure chests close properly (#2965) 4 months ago
  Jordan Irwin fdcf458b56 creative: Override hand after mods loaded... (#2984) 4 months ago
  澪 97130f4c1c Update Chinese translation (#3008) 4 months ago
  Riu Sakura 26b2da2c08 Update Japanese translation (#3007) 4 months ago
  Zemtzov7 8eb4437ac8 Fix crash if `/home` is executed with an invalid name (#3000) 5 months ago
  Alexander Chibrikin 792bc6f6e5 Fix wall craft registrations (#3004) 5 months ago
  Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto c4cf1a6004 Update Indonesian translation (#3003) 6 months ago
  Wuzzy 99a7193095 Teach screwdriver to rotate 4dir nodes (#2992) 7 months ago
  ssdaniel24 2e8ac46120 Beds: Replace hardcoded values of day interval with constants (#2990) 8 months ago
  Lars Mueller 508a9070a0 Add color_* groups to wool 8 months ago
  VitaliyShar aff9c28eed Improve stair placement rotation for bridging (#2979) 9 months ago
  ROllerozxa e903b1f6d0 Make default an optional dependency for the creative mod 9 months ago
  Richard Try 2bdc7c8c7d Update Russian translation 10 months ago
  Richard Try c744829ce5 Update Russian translation for mtg_craftguide (#2873) 10 months ago
  Romain 06daee4c6d Correct some Esperanto translations (#2910) 10 months ago
  Wuzzy 697b028e43 Update Lojban translation 10 months ago
  Wuzzy e229236bc2 Update German translation 10 months ago
  Wuzzy 350c52319e Update translation templates 10 months ago