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Release 3.0: Release and Migration Notes

Version 3.0.0 of F´ comes with several major enhancements to the framework. This release contains an update to use the FPP modeling language and the C++ standard has been updated to C++11. These are fairly substantial changes and users should consult the version 3 migration guide when adopting F´ version 3.

Release 2.1.0: Release Notes

This is the final release of the F´ version 2 releases. This should be the chosen release for projects unable to upgrade to C++11 and/or adopt FPP.

Release 2.0.1: Release Notes

This is a point release that repaired some compilation issues with VxWorks 6. This will be the last release supporting VxWorks 6.

Release 2.0: Release and Migration Notes

Version 2.0.0 of F´ represents major improvements across the F´ framework. As such, some work may be required to migrate from other versions of F´ to the new functionality. This section will offer recommendations to migrate to version 2.0.0 of F´.

Features and Functionality:

  • New ground interface change improves stability and flexibility
    • Svc::Framer and Svc::Deframer components may be used in place of Svc::GroundInterface
    • Svc::Framer and Svc::Deframer delegate to a user instantiated framing class allowing use of non-fprime framing protocols
  • Drv::ByteStreamDriverModel allows implementing drivers reading/writing streams of bytes using a single model
  • New IPv4 drivers implement Drv::ByteStreamDriverModel allowing choice or combination of uplink and downlink communications
    • Drv::TcpClient is a tcp client that connects to a remote server
    • Drv::TcpServer is a tcp server that allows connections from remote clients
    • Drv::Udp allows UDP communications
    • Drv::SocketIpDriver may be replaced using a choice of an above component.
  • Svc::FileDownlink now supports a queue of files to downlink and a port to trigger file downlinks
  • Svc::FileDownlink may now be configured to turn off certain errors
  • Svc/GenericHub is a basic instantiation of the hub pattern
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Migration considerations:

  • F´ tooling (fprime-util and fprime-gds) should be installed using pip install fprime-tools fprime-gds
  • Os::File::open with the mode CREATE will now properly respect O_EXCL and error if the file exists. Pass in false as the final argument to override.
  • Revise uses of Fw::Buffer to correct usage of member functions using camel case. E.g. Fw::Buffer::getsize is now Fw::Buffer::getSize
  • The ground interface chain has been refactored. Projects may switch to using Svc::Framer, Svc::Deframer, and any implementor of Drv::ByteStreamDriverModel to supply the data. To continue using the old interface with the GDS run fprime-gds --comm-checksum-type fixed.
  • Svc::BufferManager has been reworked to remove errors. When instantiating it please supply a memory allocator as shown in Ref.
  • Dictionaries, binaries, and other build outputs now are written to a deployments build_artifacts folder.

Deprecated Functionality: The following features are or will be deprecated soon and may be removed in future releases.

  • Svc::GroundInterface and Drv::SocketIpDriver should be replaced by the new ground system components.
  • Inline enumerations (enumerations defined inside the definition of a command/event/channel) should be replaced by EnumAi.xml implementations
  • fprime-util generate --ut -DFPRIME_ENABLE_FRAMEWORK_UTS=OFF will be removed in favor of future fprime-util check variants
  • Autocoders/MagicDrawCompPlugin will be removed in a near-term release

Release 1.5

  • Documentation improvements
  • F´ Project restructuring
  • Refactored fprime-util
    • Replaced redundant targets with flags e.g. build-ut is now build --ut
    • Added info command
    • Bug and usability fixes
  • GDS Improvements
    • Prototype GDS CLI tool
    • Project custom dashboard support
  • Array, Enum type support and examples
  • Code linting and bug fixes

Release 1.4

  • Ref app no longer hangs on Linux exit
  • GDS improvements:
    • File Uplink and Downlink implemented
    • GDS supports multiple active windows
    • Usability improvements for EVRs and commands
  • CMake improvements:
    • Baremetal compilation supported
    • Random rebuilding fixed
    • Missing Cheetah templates properly rebuild
    • Separate projects supported without additional tweaks
  • Updated MemAllocator to have:
    • "recoverable" flag to indicate if memory was recoverable across boots
    • size variable is now modifiable by allocator to indicate actual size
    • This will break existing code that uses MemAllocator
  • Updated CmdSequencer
    • Uses new MemAllocator interface

Release 1.3

  • New prototype HTML GUI
  • Python packages Fw/Python and Gds
  • Refined CMake and fprime-util helper script
  • Better ground interface component
  • Integration test API
  • Baremetal components

Release 1.2

  • Better MagicDraw Plugin
  • Prototype CMake build system. See: CMake Documentation
  • Mars Helicopter Project fixes migrated in
  • Python 3 support added
  • Gse refactored and renamed to Gds
  • Wx frontend to Gds
  • UdpSender and UdpReceiver components added
  • Purged inaccurate ITAR and Copyright notices
  • Misc. bug fixes

Release 1.1

  • Created a Raspberry Pi demo. Read about it here
  • Added a tutorial here
  • Updated Svc/BufferManager with bug fix
  • Fixed a bunch of shell permissions

Release 1.0.1

  • Updated contributor list. No code changes.

Release 1.0

  • This is the initial release of the software to open source. See the license file for terms of use.