F´(F Prime)是一个组件驱动的框架,能够快速开发和部署航天和其他嵌入式软件应用程序。最初在喷气推进实验室开发的F´已经成功地部署在一些空间应用上。它是定制的,但不限于小型航天系统,如立方体卫星,小型卫星和仪器。

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A Flight-Proven, Multi-Platform, Open-Source Flight Software Framework

# F´ (F Prime) is a component-driven framework that enables rapid development and deployment of spaceflight and other embedded software applications. Originally developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, F´ has been successfully deployed on several space applications. It is tailored but not limited to small-scale spaceflight systems such as CubeSats, SmallSats, and instruments.

Please Visit the F´ Website: https://nasa.github.io/fprime for more information.

What does F´ provide

  • An architecture that decomposes flight software into discrete components with well-defined interfaces
  • A C++ framework that provides core capabilities such as message queues and threads
  • Modeling tools for specifying components and connections and automatically generating code
  • A growing collection of ready-to-use components
  • Testing tools for testing flight software at the unit and integration levels.

Learn more about F' key features here.

System Requirements

  1. Linux, Windows with WSL, or macOS operating system
  2. git
  3. CMake 3.16+. CLI tool must be available on the system path.
  4. CLang or GNU C and C++ compilers (e.g. gcc and g++)
  5. Python 3.7+, virtual environments, and PIP

Getting Started

To get started with F´, install the F´ toolset with:

pip install fprime-tools

Then, create a new project with:

fprime-util new --project

See the HelloWorld Tutorial to guide you through all the steps of developing an F´ project.

New users are encouraged to read through the User Guide and explore the other tutorials.

Getting Help


To ask questions, discuss improvements, and ask for help please use the project's GitHub Discussions.

Bug reports

To report bugs and issues, open an issue here.


The F´ Community GitHub Organization contains third party contributions, more documentation of flight software development, and additional resources.


Release Notes

The version history and artifacts associated with the project can be found at Releases.