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  M Starch 05f1c49cbc Update LinuxUartDriver.cpp (#1934) 2 months ago
  U S A M A H 9c19109e0d Change typo 'how' to 'now' (#1930) 2 months ago
  Thibault 7273cbb6fb `microsoft/sarif-multitool` usage changes (#1932) 2 months ago
  M Starch bbf049ecbd name consistency in project and topology, install correct dictionary. Fixes #1444 (#1916) 2 months ago
  M Starch 6ae49e6e68 Correct return type in time.getContext() to fix #1230 (#1914) 2 months ago
  Simone Morettini a7a93ee250 Removing SocketIpDriverCfg (#1895) (#1923) 2 months ago
  M Starch f081e80779 Removing all BSD like text from NOTICE.txt (#1915) 2 months ago
  Thomas Boyer Chammard 4777f43012 Update requirements.txt (#1906) 2 months ago
  U S A M A H ce6d5f8eab Add parenthesis in conditions (#1908) 3 months ago
  Thomas Boyer Chammard 13b1dbd25e Add pip check Workflow (#1905) 3 months ago
  M Starch db1bc89c89 Updates to BasicTypes.hpp (#1897) 3 months ago
  EbenezerA99 ce6cac829d Add standardization header for PolyDb (#1898) 3 months ago
  Gabriel Zayas 09a0d49d03 Use proper link to integration test guide (#1901) 3 months ago
  M Starch 85d4d180f5 Create a security policy document (#1889) 3 months ago
  Tiffany Chieu 56bddee418 Fix header path in PortTest.hpp (#1892) 3 months ago
  Thibault d1efe5cfd5 Refactor `Os/Linux/SystemResources.cpp` (#1836) 3 months ago
  Thomas Boyer Chammard 8787fe8251 Upgrade Python Packages (requirements.txt) (#1878) 3 months ago
  Thomas Boyer Chammard edc5978ed6 Update ClangFormat instructions (#1883) 3 months ago
  M Starch 64788fa831 Fixing the U64 vs FwSizeType argument change (#1879) 3 months ago
  Simone Morettini 36514483e3 Fix autogeneration of header guards and tests (#1734) 3 months ago
  codeflight1 a349f81ea0 FileManager updates (#1522) 3 months ago
  Timothy Canham 7184ca9971 Updates to TlmChan to send multiple channels per ComBuffer (#1523) 3 months ago
  Thomas Boyer Chammard 6a11bf8dcc Fix fpp-input-list generation (#1872) 3 months ago
  Thibault b272b90be7 Add `IEEE 754` compliance of the floating point arithmetic (#1870) 3 months ago
  Thibault d5a65b48df Add Cpplint Static Code Analysis to CI Workflow (#1794) 4 months ago
  M Starch ea89430ca8 changing SIGSEGV for SIGABRT to remove segfault without core dump (#1869) 4 months ago
  Tiffany Chieu f4b680a890 FPP v1.2.0 Integration (#1852) 4 months ago
  M Starch 7d25abab48 fixing problems revealed with new port autocoder (#1865) 4 months ago
  Avi a9816609ed Remove unnecessary return; from last line of void function (#1863) 4 months ago
  M Starch 3644086829 Fixing RPI CI By Setting Up Downloadable Toolchain (#1855) 4 months ago