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  Roman 1381ed0c17 feat: add dutchNationalFlagSort implementation (#1305) 2 weeks ago
  Jacoby Johnson 327e18f450 Elementary cellular automata (#1302) 2 weeks ago
  Ranganathan7 fc06690672 fixes: #1280 and test: added tests for DFS algorithm (#1303) 3 weeks ago
  paulinegarelli 566d9103cd fix: refactor PrimMST and fix bug in PriorityQueue (#1300) 4 weeks ago
  lionel-rowe 0c427580f1 Make ArbitraryBase Unicode-aware (#1299) 4 weeks ago
  Xolvez 6aa3314b93 fix: fixed error in the MaxProductOfThree algorithm (#1295) 1 month ago
  Andrea Tota 5ce828b3fe feat: add maxConsecutiveOnes implementation (#1285) 1 month ago
  Andrea Tota 55c18aef69 feat: add maxConsecutiveOnesIII implementation (#1286) 1 month ago
  Ramzi-Abidi 49bd1fd0c2 Adding to backtracking (#1289) 1 month ago
  Teddy Mwai c40e4cf4d4 Refactored code to improve performance of some methods (#1284) 1 month ago
  Andrea Tota c252df5d10 feat: add houseRobber implementation (#1282) 1 month ago
  Lioness100 002b10a5aa docs: fix typos (#1283) 1 month ago
  dependabot[bot] 8cd86b1eda chore(deps): bump json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 (#1274) 2 months ago
  David Leal 7ea7d7b8c6 docs: improve the issue forms (#1272) 3 months ago
  David Leal cb4c40e95c docs: improve the contributing guidelines (#1271) 3 months ago
  David Leal b36b45888e docs: fix CI and remove LGTM badges (#1269) 3 months ago
  Defective Detective 65cceae0be algorithm: signum (#1266) 3 months ago
  Jesus Salomon f954fb1ff7 Update (#1268) 3 months ago
  fun-guava 18a91573c3 Added a new Maths algorithm to determine if two non-null integers are "friendly numbers" (#1267) 3 months ago
  Akshay Dubey d6be3a4e96 algorithm: Hexagonal number (#1265) 3 months ago
  k ho k ho? 71d3d4470f tests: improve for GeneratePermutations (#1263) 4 months ago
  Michał Zendran 9d4adbb0b3 docs: add new issue templates (#1206) 4 months ago
  Carlos Rafael 640abcf468 fix: exchanging wrong path that breaks pipeline (#1262) 4 months ago
  Alex Popov 00a97d5e1b algorithm: percentage of letter (#1261) 4 months ago
  Alex Popov 5668e64b29 algorithm: unique paths 2 (#1257) 4 months ago
  Alex Popov c39d6665ce algorithm: logarithmic square root (#1259) 4 months ago
  Alex Popov 35e1fe68d0 algorithm: add IntToBase algo and a test for it (#1258) 4 months ago
  Adrito Mukherjee 7fb121508d algorithm: ZFunction (#1239) 4 months ago
  Lcvieira2001 cc0700f122 conversion: liters to imperial gallons (#1256) 4 months ago
  Gustavo Kamihara 863185d2b4 algorithm class: pyramid (#1254) 4 months ago