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  David Leal 6376bf46af chore: add `workflow_dispatch` in directory workflow 5 days ago
  David Leal 23b133ae1e fix: GitHub Actions bot username on Awesome Workflow 3 weeks ago
  github-actions[bot] f49369065c docs: update (#2521) 3 weeks ago
  David Leal 6daf7015e3 chore: run directory workflow daily 1 month ago
  David Leal 2c68b68ca6 fix: add missing namespace in Dijkstra 2 months ago
  David Leal 17c374dc14 [feat/docs/fix]: improve the Dijkstra algorithm (#2508) 2 months ago
  David Leal b480ddb191 docs: add documentation in `kruskals_minimum_spanning_tree.cpp` (#2482) 2 months ago
  David Leal 882ba119dc [feat/docs]: improve Fenwick Tree algorithm (#2506) 2 months ago
  Vikrant A P a39892b80f fix: wrong contributing guidelines link (#2507) 2 months ago
  KAIRAO ZHENG 170f7e59ff feat: Treap Data Structure (#2458) 2 months ago
  Stressed 17a532637a feat: add Iterative Factorial (#2453) 2 months ago
  Ryan Bevin 25b9e0a159 feat: update cmake to use a newer version (#2505) 2 months ago
  ewd00010 aaf84ab08f fix: fit `approximate_pi.cpp` to guidelines (#2499) 2 months ago
  David Leal 7003ba83ea feat: improve the Armstrong Number algorithm (#2480) 2 months ago
  realstealthninja 37aae7ced4 docs: fit `factorial.cpp` to contribution guidelines (#2487) 2 months ago
  David Leal 813175a544 feat: upgrade FreeGlut to v3.4.0 (#2478) 2 months ago
  David Leal baaece2515 chore: add endline on PR template 2 months ago
  David Leal f4d1aa1706 chore: add the linter to a separate Python script (#2500) 2 months ago
  Piotr Idzik 32db99c1de [fix/docs]: cleanup `longest_common_string.cpp` (#2462) 3 months ago
  ewd00010 e3f0551f98 [fix/docs]: fit `check_amicable_pair.cpp` to guidelines (#2465) 3 months ago
  David Leal 72cd2d0eb9 fix: directory writer `on` event 3 months ago
  kunal nayak d1ec37c67b feat: add Next Higher Number with same set bits (#2484) 3 months ago
  David Leal e203bfee4e fix: use correct branch name 3 months ago
  realstealthninja 2fd530cba1 [fix/docs]: fit `armstrong_number.cpp` to guidelines (#2457) 3 months ago
  David Leal 5dc34677ed Revert "feat: update CMake version" (#2489) 3 months ago
  Sujal Gupta 2d492834b1 feat: update CMake version to 3.26.4 (#2486) 3 months ago
  Stoycho Kyosev d7a9869dce feat: add Boyer Moore algorithm implementation (#2441) 3 months ago
  ewd00010 5ef7ad5cfe [feat/docs/fix]: fit check_prime.cpp to guidelines (#2460) 3 months ago
  ewd00010 5704841875 [feat/docs/fix]: fit `check_factorial.cpp` to guidelines (#2466) 3 months ago
  Md. Anisul Haque ff80be4b0a feat: Add SHA-256 hashing algorithm (#2470) 3 months ago