CPU调度算法(CPU Scheduling Algorithms)、位操作(Bit Manipulation)、回溯(Backtracking)算法等C++版算法实现。涵盖了计算机科学、数学和统计、数据科学、机器学习、工程等领域的各种主题。

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The Algorithms - C++ # {#mainpage}

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This repository is a collection of open-source implementation of a variety of algorithms implemented in C++ and licensed under MIT License. These algorithms span a variety of topics from computer science, mathematics and statistics, data science, machine learning, engineering, etc.. The implementations and the associated documentation are meant to provide a learning resource for educators and students. Hence, one may find more than one implementation for the same objective but using a different algorithm strategies and optimizations.


  • The repository provides implementations of various algorithms in one of the most fundamental general purpose languages - C++.
  • Well documented source code with detailed explanations provide a valuable resource for educators and students alike.
  • Each source code is atomic using STL classes and no external libraries are required for their compilation and execution. Thus, the fundamentals of the algorithms can be studied in much depth.
  • Source codes are compiled and tested for every commit on the latest versions of three major operating systems viz., Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu (Linux) using MSVC 16 2019, AppleClang 11.0 and GNU 7.5.0 respectively.
  • Strict adherence to C++11 standard ensures portability of code to embedded systems as well like ESP32, ARM Cortex, etc. with little to no changes.
  • Self-checks within programs ensure correct implementations with confidence.
  • Modular implementations and OpenSource licensing enable the functions to be utilized conveniently in other applications.


Online Documentation is generated from the repository source codes directly. The documentation contains all resources including source code snippets, details on execution of the programs, diagrammatic representation of program flow, and links to external resources where necessary. The documentation also introduces interactive source code with links to documentation for C++ STL library functions used. Click on Files menu to see the list of all the files documented with the code.

Documentation of Algorithms in C++ by The Algorithms Contributors is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Creative Commons LicenseCredit must be given to the creatorAdaptations must be shared under the same terms


As a community developed and maintained repository, we welcome new un-plagiarized quality contributions. Please read our Contribution Guidelines.