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Open Source Inventory Management System

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:star2: About the Project

This Inventory management system is the currently Ford Asia Pacific after-sales logistics warehousing supply chain process. After I leave Ford, I start this project in order to help some who need it. OneAPP Type. Support scanner PDA, mobile APP, desktop exe, website as well.

:dart: Function

  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Management
  • Scanner PDA
  • Cycle Count
  • Order Management
  • Stock Control
  • Safety Stock Show
  • API Documents
  • IOS APP Support
  • Android APP Support
  • Electron APP Support
  • Auto Update
  • i18n Support
  • API Documents

:compass: Install

Python install

Nodejs install

Clone Project

git clone

Backend Environment

cd GreaterWMS/
pip install -r requirements.txt

Frontend Environment

npm install -g @quasar/cli
npm install -g yarn
cd templates/
yarn install

DataBase Migrate

cd GreaterWMS/
python makemigrations
python migrate


cd GreaterWMS/
docker-compose up -d
# Change Baseurl
# baseurl GreaterWMS/templates/public/statics/baseurl.txt
docker-compose restart

Windows X64

Centos 7

Ubuntu 20

IOS Environment

Android Environment

Android APK Signed

Electron Environment

:hammer_and_wrench: How To Run Development Server:

  • Run Backend:

    cd GreaterWMS
    python runserver
    python runserver # internet
  • Change Request Baseurl

    • Companion Mobile APP

    GreaterWMS is supported by a companion mobile app which allows users access to run the business well. It can scan the goods by your camera or your PDA scanner.



    Companion android app is a apks file, need use bundletool to install apk to your Android Phone

    Please confirm you have installed JAVA

    ## Take attention on your bundletool version
    bundletool-all-1.13.0.jar install-apks --apks=GWMS.apks

:trumpet: How To Publish Your APP:

  • Web Build:
cd templates
quasar build # /templates/dist/spa

:computer: How To Deploy Server:

Supervisor Process Guarded

Nginx Config

If the server has SSL enabled, please use HTTPS and WSS, if SSL is not enabled, use HTTP and WS

The front-end code needs to be rebuilt after modification.

:money_with_wings: Sponsor

If you use GreaterWMS and find it to be useful, please consider making a donation toward its continued development.

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:warning: License

Distributed under the APL V2 License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

:old_key: Commercial License

  • Don't worry about Commercial License. You will get Free Commercial License while you download the source code.