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  link e8db1767e5 Update 1 week ago
  link 6b01263252 Update 1 week ago
  Tiger Wang b2a4fafdb4 add race detection for tests 1 week ago
  Tiger Wang fcfb48d88e enable code coverage (#825) 1 week ago
  link 86380d912d Allow specific special characters (#823) 1 week ago
  link 9123974811 Update 2 weeks ago
  link be50579544 add update type (#812) 2 weeks ago
  link 91bb0cba6f Update 2 weeks ago
  link b9946db854 repair the error of version number display after successful update (#805) 3 weeks ago
  老竭力 9eb650b444 Add download triage for download migration-tool (#793) 3 weeks ago
  Tiger Wang 84f17b4c4b add `upx` as part of building step to shrink the size of binary files (#797) 4 weeks ago
  Tiger Wang 8cff99f726 enable unit tests as part of release process (with 3 always failing tests skipped) 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang ea166f890b remove deps under GPL and add license check to workflow 1 month ago
  LinkLeong d350c3e96f remove socket-port function 1 month ago
  LinkLeong ec0d98627d Merge branch 'main' of 1 month ago
  LinkLeong fd3cb5b0f0 update common package 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang 0155dc1877 bump version from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1 1 month ago
  link cd79e51f8f Socketio modification (#771) 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang c6d89f9cb2 update CasaOS-Common from v0.4.0 to v0.4.1-alpha1 for the new `notify.Application` struct (#768) 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang 4b26631374 add logic to run scripts under `/etc/casaos/start.d` when starting (#756) 1 month ago
  John Guan ba742b9fb2 Update 1 month ago
  LinkLeong 57e5a710e0 change changelog 1 month ago
  link 062d95c1eb done (#750) 1 month ago
  link 75643287a5 finish (#742) 1 month ago
  link 6bda9406fb fixed (#741) 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang be9a010d17 fix sqlite db lock by reducing maximum open connections to 1 (#732) 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang 3875827b7a replace CGO implementation of sqlite with an implementation in pure Go (#724) 1 month ago
  LinkLeong 5338d4662e Merge branch 'main' of 1 month ago
  LinkLeong 3b9c4b62c5 Remove frequent logs 1 month ago
  Tiger Wang 536eac788d move app domain to its own module (0.4.x) (#689) 1 month ago