CasaOS,一个简洁易用、开源的家庭云系统,支持一键安装各类 NAS / 家庭智能应用,可快速在本地搭建与托管电影、音乐、游戏等家庭娱乐服务。

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CasaOS - Your Home Cloud OS

Connect with the community developing HOME CLOUD, creating self-sovereign, and defining the future of the distributed cloud.

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CasaOS Snapshot

Why do we need Home Cloud?

Think about it seriously. Is control of our data, smart devices and digital assets now only in the hands of some big company?

  • Is your photo album saved in their cloud service?
  • Do your thermostats, monitors, lamps need to be used through their cloud services?
  • Do your personal documents, memos, contacts, passwords, etc. reside in their cloud storage services?
  • Are you just going to have to accept their decisions when they decide to change prices, review content or even discontinue services?

It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? We are losing control of our own data!

Our ideal home cloud is one where you can manage all your data, devices and data assets very easily. In your own home, you have absolute control.

If you think what we are doing is valuable. Please give us a star ⭐ and fork it 🤞!


  • Friendly UI designed for home scenarios
    • No code, no forms, intuitive, design for humanity
  • Multiple hardware and base system support
    • ZimaBoard, NUC, RPi, old computers, whatever is available.
  • Selected apps in the app store, one-click installation
    • Nextcloud, HomeAssiant, AdGuard, Jellyfin, *arr and more!
  • Easily install numerous Docker apps
    • Over 100,000 apps from the Docker ecosystem can be easily installed
  • Elegant drive and file management
    • What you see is what you get. No technical background required.
  • Well-designed system/app widgets
    • What you care about, at a glance. Resource usage, app status, and more!

Getting Started

CasaOS fully supports ZimaBoard, Intel NUC, and Raspberry Pi. Also, more computers and development boards and fully compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry Pi OS, and CentOS with one-liner installation.

Hardware Compatibility

  • amd64 / x86-64
  • arm64
  • armv7

System Compatibility

Official Support

  • Debian 11 (✅ Tested, Recommended)
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 (✅ Tested)
  • Raspberry Pi OS (✅ Tested)

Community Support

  • Elementary 6.1 (✅ Tested)
  • Armbian 22.04 (✅ Tested)
  • Alpine (🚧 Not Fully Tested Yet)
  • OpenWrt (🚧 Not Fully Tested Yet)
  • ArchLinux (🚧 Not Fully Tested Yet)

Quick Setup CasaOS

Freshly install a system from the list above and run this command:

wget -qO- | sudo bash


curl -fsSL | sudo bash

Uninstall CasaOS

v0.3.3 or newer


Before v0.3.3

curl -fsSL | sudo bash


The word Casa comes from the Spanish word for "home". Project CasaOS originated as a pre-installed system for crowdfunded product ZimaBoard on Kickstarter.

After looking at many systems and software on the market, the team found no server system designed for home scenarios, sadly true.

So, we set out to build this open source project to develop CasaOS with our own hands, everyone in the community, and you.

We believes that through community-driven collaborative innovation and open communication with global developers, we can reshape the digital home experience like never before.

A warm welcome for you to get help or share great ideas in the Discord!

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CasaOS is a community-driven open source project and the people involved are CasaOS users. That means CasaOS will always need contributions from community members just like you!


Many thanks to everyone who has helped CasaOS so far!

Everyone's contribution is greatly appreciated. (Emoji Key)


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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.